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Gokrish Seva Sanstha is a Holy & Pleasant land of India which was selected for grazing & wandering place for milk giving, courageous, gentle & brahmaswaroopa cows by Lord Krishna while he was going to Dwarika from Kurushetra. The Anandvan is a lovely junction of cows rearing folk culture of Marwar, Kahiawad & Tharparker as well as the holy confluence of underground flowing river Saraswati, Sindhu, flowing in Kutch and Savitri which was the place of worship of Lord Krishna destroyer of sins of many births, the great teacher Duttatrey & Kamdhenu (The cow which fullfills all the desires). In 1993 a National Creative Gosewa (service of cows) campaign was started from this very place to protect the descendants of Kamdhenu, Kapila & Surbhi cows from atrocity which had been occuring for twelve centuries.

"Goraksha Ek Maha Abhiyan"


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